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Family Law

Family Law and Divorce Attorneys in Sioux Falls

At Crew & Crew, P.C., we understand the importance of family and will handle your case as we would for our own families. Our attorneys pursue fair and equitable outcomes for our clients. Family law encompasses matters such as divorces, custody disputes, adoptions, and more. A divorce can be a lengthy, emotional road, especially when children are involved. Therefore, we are here to help you receive a fair outcome. We can assist you with preexisting child custody or visitation issues or those arise during a divorce or separation. We can evaluate your current child support or alimony payments. That way, we ensure you are paying a fair amount based on your current financial situation. Additionally, we have assisted clients with step-parent adoptions, guardianships, living wills, and power of attorney.

Divorce Attorney

When a marriage fails, you don’t have to go through a divorce alone. For many couples, a divorce can feel like war, and the courtroom is the battlefield. Opposing divorce attorneys don’t always “play nice.” They might expose embarrassing and personal details about you to bolster their own client. Having an experienced divorce attorney who has your back to guide you through the process and handle the other side can make a difference. Your divorce attorney can take a weight off of your shoulders. We will vigorously advocate for your interests as you work to adjust to your new life. You and your family will face a number of changes and have to make major decisions – you shouldn’t have to go through it alone.

At Crew & Crew, P.C., we can help you through this difficult time by handling the matters that arise during a divorce, such as marital property division and child custody issues. Based on each client’s unique circumstances, we will help determine the best and most cost-efficient way to resolve your case, whether it be through mediation, reaching a settlement with the other attorney, or in front of a judge.

Our firm offers affordable services from our divorce attorneys in Sioux Falls with decades of experience handling divorces. Our clients range from those with few assets to those with significant assets. Regardless of your financial situation, we will handle your case with care and listen to your concerns. The outcome of your divorce can affect your relationships and financial stability in the future – and we will fight to ensure you receive a fair outcome. We value client input, and we will always discuss all available options with you so you can make informed decisions.

In addition to divorce, our Sioux Falls Family Law attorneys are experienced in many related matters:

  • Military divorce: The benefits and retirement plans military members and their spouses receive can complicate divorces. Many divorce attorneys are unfamiliar with the logistics regarding these unique divorces. Treating them the same as civilian retirement plans can cause costly issues and litigation down the road. Our attorney Rick Ramstad is a Lieutenant Colonel in the South Dakota Air National Guard and has been a JAG Officer (Judge Advocate) throughout his service. He is one of the few attorneys in the state who has the knowledge and experience necessary to competently handle the complex nature of military divorces.
  • Child custody and visitation issues: After a divorce or separation, child custody is often the most disputed issue. Courts look at many factors in determining primary physical custody, and we will fight for your desired outcome with these considerations in mind.
  • Child support and spousal support/alimony: Following a divorce, the financial situation of all parties often changes significantly. We can help make sure you are paying or receiving a correct and fair amount of support. If you have a child with but were never married to an individual, we can also help you seek child support.
  • Division of property: South Dakota is an all property state, meaning all marital property is subject to division at the discretion of the trial court. We will fight for you to receive an equitable outcome of the division.
  • Enforcing court orders and judgments: Even after the court has issued an order or a judgment, the other side still may not comply. Our attorneys can help ensure these orders are enforced. We can also assist in modifying current orders, such as child support and visitation orders.

We also handle these family law matters:

  • Adoption proceedings
  • Guardianships and conservatorships
  • Power-of-Attorney
  • Wills
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Other Family Law Attorney issues

Our experienced family law attorneys are here to provide divorce, child custody, and other family law services in the Sioux Falls, SD area.

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