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Drug Offenses

Drug Possession & Distribution Attorney

If you’ve been charged with a drug offense, it’s crucial that you respond quickly to protect your rights and reputation. These offenses can result in substantial fines and jail sentences. This is especially common when cases involve controlled substances or large amounts of drugs. The severity of the offense affects the type of punishment you may be subject to. So, it’s important to consult with an experienced drug offence attorney to explore your options and ensure fair treatment.
Depending on the offense, drug charges may violate federal or state laws. Drug offenses can range anywhere from possession to trafficking, manufacturing, or distribution. With different offenses come varying degrees of punishment. For example, drug manufacturing and drug trafficking offenses are often considered the most serious because of their impact on society. Arrests for any drug-related offenses should not be taken lightly, as these crimes can result in thousands of dollars in fines and decades in prison. For those who have a criminal history of drug offenses, statutes may impose additional or harsher punishments, sometimes resulting in life imprisonment.
Drug Offense Possession Distribution Attorney Lawyer Sioux Falls

Drug Offense Attorneys Defending Your Rights

To ensure protection of your rights and freedom, we recommend enlisting the services of a respected drug offense attorney in Sioux Falls to see you through the legal minutia. For example, if you were arrested and charged for drug possession and distribution, one of the court-tested attorneys at Crew & Crew would begin by looking at the procedures followed by law enforcement, such as whether an illegal search and seizure took place.
Drug informants are usually criminals themselves that you should not trust. They sometimes cause innocent people to be accused and their assets seized. One of our drug offense attorneys will be with you every step of the way, while uncovering evidence that can be expertly presented in court.
Remember – YOU DO HAVE RIGHTS. It is urgent that you contact the best drug offense, drug possession and drug distribution attorney in Sioux Falls. We will ensure the  protection of your rights in a court system that is difficult to maneuver. Whether it’s misdemeanor or felony drug charges, the criminal defense lawyers at Crew & Crew have you covered. We are transparent, knowledgeable and passionate about your rights.
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Types of cases our Sioux Falls drug offense attorneys handle:

Drug Possession

Charges for possession of marijuana or other drugs can impact your current and future employment, along with other areas of your life.

Drug Manufacturing

Manufacturing drugs is a serious offense because of its impact on society.

Controlled Substance Dealing and Distribution

Charges related to controlled substances come with hefty fines and jail time. Count on your Sioux Falls drug distribution attorney for help.

Drug Trafficking

Trafficking drugs is a serious offense because of its impact on society.

Prescription Drug Offenses Including Fraud

Prescription drug crimes can be committed by lay people as well as doctors and pharmacists. For medical professionals, these charges are particularly devastating and can lead to loss of their license.

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