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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Sioux Falls

Regardless of your innocence or guilt, being charged with a criminal offense will instantly turn your life upside-down. You will have questions about what types of punishments or penalties you may face. We will inform you what your options are to fight the charge or how the charge could impact your life and criminal record. You may believe law enforcement infringed on your rights. The Constitution guarantees your right to an attorney; it does not promise an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney.
Consulting with a private criminal defense attorney who has years of experience handling criminal matters can give you peace of mind. To ensure the best possible outcome for you, someone who keeps your best interests in mind must fight for your case.
Our criminal defense attorneys offer nearly 70 years of combined experience to Sioux Falls and its surrounding areas in South Dakota. You will receive exceptional representation from attorneys who have dedicated their careers to achieving justice for their clients. Most importantly, regardless of the charges against you, our firm will treat you with respect and empathy. Call today or contact us for a free consultation.

Our criminal defense attorneys are experienced in the following areas:

Assault/Aggravated Assault/Battery

There are several types of assault, depending on if weapons were involved and the extent of the injuries. For example, simple assault and battery occur when the threat or injuries are minor. When the injuries are more severe or a deadly weapon is involved, the incident is considered aggravated assault or assault with a deadly weapon. People are charged with aggravated assault in a wide range of situations. Assault can be charged during bar fights, domestic disputes, and disorderly conduct instances. Depending on the case, the prosecutor may agree to reduce the assault charge to a lesser offense or drop the charge altogether. We’re the law firm to call when you need a lawyer for assault defenses.

Drug Offenses

Depending on the offense, charges involving drugs may violate federal or state laws. Drug offenses can range anywhere from possession to trafficking, manufacturing, or distribution. These offenses should be taken seriously as they can result in large fines and prison sentences. When you are charged with a crime related to controlled substances, state and federal, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Crew & Crew Law Firm. We will help you avoid or reduce jail time. Learn more about our drug offense attorneys here.


The process of navigating through a DUI or DWI charge can be complicated and emotional. If convicted, DUI and DWI offenses can result in the loss of your driver’s license, large fines, and sometimes jail. For many people, it affects their careers and education. With much at stake, it is crucial to have an experienced DUI or DWI lawyer who will work to protect your rights and your record. Learn more about our DUI and DWI attorneys here.

White Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes typically involve complicated evidentiary matters. Your career and reputation may be at stake. When you are charged with a white-collar crime, we can help by reviewing the financial transactions and exhaustively investigating the details of the alleged charge. Our firm has represented individuals accused of fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation/unauthorized use of business assets, identify theft, and computer/Internet crimes. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Give us a call, and we will assist in reviewing your charges and evidence.

Juvenile Matters

Just like adults, juveniles are entitled to competent representation. In many cases, an attorney can help juvenile delinquents resolve the charge against them so that it does not follow them into adulthood. Juvenile courts operate differently than the adult court system. Juvenile courts generally seek to rehabilitate offenders rather than apply lengthy sentences. Thus, an attorney familiar with the uniqueness of the juvenile courts is necessary to ensure the juvenile receives fair treatment. When a juvenile commits a serious crime, the State may attempt to charge him or her in adult court. An attorney can help fight to keep the child in juvenile court.

Our firm has represented many juvenile offenders. We have helped them continue with their lives unaffected by the mistakes they made as youth.

Crimes of Theft

If you have been charged with a crime of theft, your reputation for honesty is on the line. Additionally, you could face fines, a jail sentence, and be required to comply with ordered restitution. We have defended clients charged with both misdemeanor and felony theft charges. Some charges include grand or petty larceny, robbery, burglary, shoplifting, auto theft, and receiving stolen property.

Sex Crimes

Sex-related offenses are a difficult area of law, particularly because of the stigma surrounding them. Unfortunately, juries rarely give the benefit of the doubt to those charged with such crimes. Further, the sentencing guidelines judges refer to for punishment recommend lengthy prison sentences up to several decades-long. These types of offenses typically result in enrollment on the Sex Offender Registry. As a result, this can have a significant impact on day-to-day life and employment.

Don’t Go To Court Alone

Rape cases often involve high emotions and a “he said, she said” aspect. The truth is often difficult to reach and prove, especially if alcohol was involved. Our firm will put emotions aside and look at the facts and evidence available for the case. We will also explore possible defenses such as consent, wrong perpetrator, and whether we can suppress evidence or admissions.
Child pornography charges are a particularly complex area of law due to the technology behind the offense. This area of law no longer involves illegal pictures being sent through the mail. Today, child pornography generally involves pictures being sent or downloaded over the Internet. This can result in hundreds and thousands of images being duplicated or distributed in a matter of seconds. The recommended sentence increases based on the number of images, the type of acts depicted in the images, and other factors. There is even an upward variance in sentencing for the images accessed electronically, despite the fact that nearly all offenders today view the images on a computer! The upward sentencing variances usually result in the recommended sentence range reaching or exceeding the maximum sentence for the offense.

Know Your Rights


Most alarmingly, the statute doesn’t distinguish between those who download, receive, or view the pictures accidentally and those who did so purposely. The laws in place are designed to harshly punish the worst offenders. However, they are inherently flawed and often result in harsh sentences for everyone who has possessed illegal images on their computer. This is regardless of the circumstances surrounding the offense (i.e. an individual who uses Dropbox and intends to download a legal, adult pornography folder but unintentionally downloads a folder with thousands of child pornography images may still be subject to the same punishment as someone who sought out the illegal images).
When the law is not on your side, having an experienced attorney to help you make informed decisions is important. It can be the difference between decades in prison and a sentence below the nationally recommended length for the offense. Our firm has defended individuals charged with rape, child pornography, indecent exposure, and other sex offenses.

Federal Gun Law Violations

Along with the right to own firearms comes great responsibility and the expectation of compliance with federal laws. Violating these laws can result in the loss of your privilege to own firearms and other harsh penalties. If you have been charged with a gun violation, you may face hefty fines and prison time. We can help you receive a fair outcome.

Other Felonies/Misdemeanors

If you do not see the offense you have been charged with above, please contact us for more information. We have handled many other criminal cases in addition to those listed above. Those are only a summary of the types of cases in which we have provided representation. If we cannot take your case, we would be happy to refer you to another local attorney.

Consult With Our Experienced Defense Lawyers

Criminal convictions may lead to difficulty obtaining employment due to background checks, financial struggles, higher insurance premiums, difficulty buying or renting a home, or social embarrassment.

The best way to combat and mitigate these problems is by consulting with a criminal defense attorney right when you have been charged with a crime. We have the experience and resources to conduct thorough research and prepare legal tactics, and will treat you with the utmost respect and empathy, regardless of the charges against you.

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